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H. C. Andersen Festivals 10 year in 2023

June 5, 2023, 5:05 p.m.

H.C. Andersen Festivals is one of the largest cultural festivals in Denmark.

The festival is a non profit organization that was started in 2013 by a group of business persons passionate about their city and the authorship of Hans Christian Andersen.

H.C. Andersen Festivals is a week long festival held in the city centre of Odense, the hometown of the famous author Hans Christian Andersen. The festival takes place every year in August (week 34).

During the festival you can experience more 500 cultural activities - and more than 90 percent you can experience for free.

The content of H.C. Andersen Festivals is guided by five central concepts from the works of Hans Christian Andersen, identified and defined by the H.C. Andersen Centre at the University of Southern Denmark.

The five concepts provide inspiration for the multitude of national and international artist joining the festival each year. Within the world of Hans Christian Andersen, there is room
for imagination, tradition and innovation at the H.C. Andersen Festivals.

The festival’s payoff is “Anything Can Happen”.

The program at www.hcafestivals.dk


















Niels Jørgen Langkilde
Skovdal Nordic/H.C. Andersen Festivals
Niels Jørgen Langkilde Ana Maria da Costa Langkilde